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BC3 Basketball

An review of the men's and women's seasons.

            The men's and women's basketball teams steadily improved from last year with records of 4-18 and 12-9 respectively. The women's basketball team capped off their great season with a berth in the WPCC playoffs with the 1st game against Westmoreland County Community College at a date and time yet to be determined. Full story

Student vs. Faculty Softball Game

All the participants, in the 2010 Student vs. Faculty Softball game, played their hearts out, making the game a quite enjoyable event. The teachers ended the five inning game with an 11-6 lead. The weather for the day was perfect for an outdoor softball game, 80 degree heat with very low humidity and sunny made for a perfect day. Full story

BC3 Hires Coach, Seeks Another

 BC3 added a new assistant basketball coach last month, but they're still seeking a new head softball coach for the upcoming season.

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Tom Comunale

BC3 Student Signs NAHL Contract

Tom Comunale is one of many BC3 students taking advantage of online classes to help him reach his goals outside the classroom.

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One-time Pioneer Now an Osprey

One-time proud BC3 Pioneer Matt Driscoll is now making a home in North Florida as an Osprey.

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Girls Volleyball Ranked 10th in the Nation

Pioneer girls knocked out of National Tournament in third round, but voted into the nation's top ten. Full story

Butler Dek Hockey under New Management

For the first time in two years, Butler Dek Hockey will see a change in management. Erin and Bill Schollaret will take over as the managers of the Dek hockey rink, which has been managed for the last two years by Rick Double. Bill put in a bid two years ago, when Rick took over the rink in 2008. Full story

P-I-T-T Let’s Go Pitt

Well the Pittsburgh Panthers season is underway and for Pitt, who was ranked number 15 in the nation and picked to be crowned Big East Champs, the year didn't start quite as planned. In his fourth season as Pitt head coach, Dave Wannstedt, looks to lead his Panthers to their first BCS game under the new regime. Full story

NHL Team previews

NHL Team Previews

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Stink, Stank, Stunk

Dr. Seuss's animated cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas has a song called "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch." Dr. Seuss three words in that song illustrate perfectly the topic at hand by stating "….stink, stank, stunk."   If you haven't guessed by now, I am talking about the horrendous season of the 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates, which is coming to a thankful conclusion.

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Ben, or not to Ben

Pittsburgh Steelers go without QB for the first four games of the season.

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Jaromir Jagr at the Olympics

At 38, Jagr Could Still Be a Force in the NHL

Jaromir Jagr is leading the Czech Republic at the 2010 Olypmics, but could he make a comeback and help lead the Penguins to another Stanley Cup?

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Jim Bibby, Helped Pittsburgh Win 1979 World Series, Dies at 65

Jim Bibby a hard-throwing pitcher who helped lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to the 1979 World Series title, died Feb. 16 at a hospital in Lynchburg, Va. He had bone cancer. He was 65.

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Lemieux owner of the Pirates? A Good Thought, but Highly Unlikely

 Is money outweighing winning? The Lemieux Group hope to turn around another losing team in the Steel City, but may not get a chance.

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Who Will Stay and Who Might Go?

While most hockey minds are on the Olympics, the NHL's trade deadline is still approaching.

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When All We Could Hope for Was One Win

The Penguins are struggling, but remember: it could be worse, just a few short years ago.

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Pens Continue to Dominate: Bad news?

Why the Penguins may not benefit from continuing their hot streak throughout the entire season.

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Superbowl Commercials

What shone, what stank, and what we'll remember most.

Aside from the game, the commercials are the most anticipated part of Super Bowl Sunday.  At 3 million dollars a pop, the 30 second ad better be memorable if you want your money back for that commercial.              Commercials mean so much to a company, not many people would know what E*TRADE is, but now who doesn't recognize their famous talking baby or Geico with the gecko, the caveman and all their other commercials. Full story

Steelers Season Overview

NHL Team previews

NHL Team Previews

Full story

NCAA, Listen to the People not Your Wallet

A meaningless regular season, a watered down post-season, kids missing classes, and a bunch of disappointed fans, that sounds really bad and the NCAA would even agree too if there wasn't money involved.

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Joe Mauer

Mauer Contract an Aberration

Catcher Joe Mauer recently signed a $184 million contract with Twins, that's right, the Twins. But does such a large contract give hope to other small market teams?

Full story

NCAA Tournament Will Bring Madness

When you hear people talking about who got snubbed, complaining about seeds, and trying to convince their friends why they have Cornell in the Sweet 16 you know that it's official. The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is here.... Get your analysis here!

Full story

The NCAA 65: Why Mess With Sports Perfection?

 More is not always better. Why 96 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament is madness.

Full story

Great Experiment in Uncapped Year to Begin

The NFL's great experiment begins in the early hours of Friday morning, just after midnight.

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Major League Baseball, Football Support HGH Test

The National Football League and Major League Baseball are prepared to begin testing for human growth hormone, while players' unions want more scientific validation.

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  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    Have you considered a different career? Writing is certainly not what you should be doing.
    posted by: You are a joke
  • New Call of Duty commercial sparks controversy
    To be honest, I think that this commercial is being taken way too seriously. I watched it and I just sat back and laughed. Why does everyone have to take everything to seriously nowadays? Everything is much more enjoyable if taken with a sense of humour.
    posted by: Matt
  • New Call of Duty commercial sparks controversy
    I'm not sure if the woman with the shotgun during the building breach is a "young girl" or not.
    posted by: Smalls
  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    Educators are always looking for "teachable moments" to help students with their learning experiences, and the above post gives me the opportunity to help the BC3 community appreciate The Cube as a forum for thoughtful expression of ideas. We considered deleting the post and leaving in its place a notice that it was removed for offensive content, but instead we will use it to make a point. John Watson posted a well-crafted, well-researched review of cell phones. He understands that people may disagree with his review, and he welcomes reasonable discussion about it on the blog. However, when the anonymous poster calls the author a bastard, he or she crosses the line from criticizing his review to attacking him personally. In a forum that is designed to promote the free discussion of ideas and is supported by the U.S. Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, to that end, when people start attacking each other personally, the open discussion of ideas that promotes advancement in our society suffers because such attacks can turn people with worthy ideas away from the discussion. John, myself, and the rest of The Cube staff and contributors welcome your thoughts, even if you don't agree with us, but ask that you refrain from attacking anyone personally. Thank you. Susan Seibel, Advisor to The Cube.
    posted by: The Cube Staff
  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    bullcrap lol
    posted by: Anonymous
  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    Why would you compare the Droid 2 and not the Droid X? Your tests are bullshit, this was a waste of my time you bastard.
    posted by: Anonymous
  • P-I-T-T Let’s Go Pitt
    First off, the Pitt bias shows. You take a jab at Penn State for playing Youngstown State but, your next paragraph applauds Pitt for beating New Hampshire. Besides that, you start previewing the season even though two games have past. You have neglected to mention the monumental disappointment Dion Lewis has been thus far. Or how the defensive line is getting beat in the trenches leaving the inexperienced linebackers trying to make the plays. I'd like you take less of a vanilla take on your topics. I can scan the papers in the last two months and find many similiar articles how the Pirates are bad, Steelers predictions about the season without Ben, or Hockey season predictions. Maybe an article about Pitt missing their chance for a major bowl game last year with the collaspe in the cincinatti game or the Steelers rejuvenated running game. Perhaps one on Joe Paterno's possible last season or Penguins new lines without Stahl.
    posted by: Todd Chadman
  • Robots Invade Campus
    Hello if your readers would like to see the very first replica of leonardos Lost Robot Knight go to
    The robot has been exhibited and was on the BBC and Discovery channel. take care, ben sweeney
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