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Where is America Headed?

Published: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 22:04

I believe America and its citizens are losing their place in the world as a superpower. It's all due to a lack of responsibility, hard work, and good political leadership.

Pa., for example, had an unemployment rate of 8.9% in February according to the Department of Pa. Labor and Industrial website. When I look around I see so many hiring now postings at different businesses, I get confused. I guess the catch is the places hiring are McDonalds, Sheetz, and other minimum wage jobs. There are job openings, but people don't want to work them. Why?

Are American's too good to work for minimum wage? Maybe. Or is it Americans can sit on their butts for 99 weeks and claim a paycheck from the government, which in essence is the "lucky" tax payers that do have jobs. The unemployment benefits were extended in a bill signed by President Obama in November of last year.

When did Americans start living outside of their means? I work at a job that pays me $12/hour and able to have a cell phone, cars, a house, pay gym fees, go out and enjoy life and even have a few pets. My, house only cost $45,000, but will hold my family, my Cobalt isn't a Cadillac, but gets me to work. I could have nicer things but I don't; why? I am Happy.

Human beings all have wants, but our lives are determined by how we prioritize these wants. And I really do not expect anyone to pay for my dreams, as I do not want to pay for anyone else's. Americans, please start living responsibly to take control of your lives and realize that America is freedom.

I completely disagree with where America has gone in entitlements for retirements because of the Labor Unions. According to a New York Times article, General Motors is $17 billion behind in retirement funds. Who is going to pay for this money? GM that has already been sold to the Government, or will it be the tax payer. Trick question the tax payer is the government.

Yes, all Americans fear how they are going to afford retirement. The simple answer is SAVE. Do not go out to eat all the time, drive a Cobalt instead of a $40,000 Audi, and in the end, be responsible. Put money aside into a mutual fund and be frugal if need be.

My point can be summed up with one question and its answer. Where has responsibility gone in America? Truthfully, I believe responsibility is leaving America with the loss of freedom, too much political jargon and a loss of morals.

Am I responsible for my own body now? Yes, no, maybe. The government probably is, thanks to a nationalization of health care. As I am getting married in May, I need to upgrade my health care policy and have no clue what is going to happen. Maybe I should ask Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

"[Congress has] to pass the bill so you [does she mean Americans?] can find out what's in it, away from the fog of controversy," said Pelosi.

Is it not the lead Congresswoman in our representative government's job to vote for, represent the majority and inform the American electorate of policies? Not to pass it sneakily and in the twilight mist. 1,990 pages of Health Care reform finally open to public debate, after it has been passed into law. Of course only after a vote, can we debate when it's not relevant.

Government is not responsible, as you can tell by the $12,786,559,060,352 debt, according to the U.S. Dept. of Treasury.

In conclusion Americans are losing faith; faith in god, in themselves and in others except for the Government. I want Americans to go back to fearing the God of their choice and stop relying on their fellow American. Be responsible and accept your life the way it is, and make it the best it can be. But do this without involving or hurting others.

Wise people have always said; you cannot help others unless you help yourself. Help yourself first America, and then go help out another without being told to do so.

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