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Morgan Wields a Mighty Voice, and Pen

Published: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 13:04

Heather Morgan

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Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan 2

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Alright, check it out. The last article I wrote was about upcoming Country music artist Walker Hayes and I am sure of one thing all the female readers can agree on, besides how amazing his music is, that he is sure easy on the eyes. Well boys, this next artist is a good one for you to look at.

This blonde hair beauty known as Heather Morgan is a Texas native and not only can she tear up the stage with her vocal ability, but what got her known before that is her crazy talented writing skills. Heather is currently a writer for Sony and did they get heck of a package by signing her.

I don't think a lot of people realize that behind each song is a writer. For example, (lets stray away from Country music for a second) a lot of people know the song "Hallelujah" performed by Robert Buckley and covered by many, many other artists. Robert Buckley gets a lot of credit for that song, BUT Rufus Wainwright was the brains behind that song and wrote the lyrics. Heather Morgan has those brains and can provide very powerful lyrics for a singer to perform, or what the heck, she's got a set of lungs and could perform it herself.

Something Walker Hayes and Heather Morgan have in common (besides being so talented in the music industry) are they are both featured in this summer's Country Throwdown Tour (it hits Pittsburgh on May 29th). Heather was nice enough to e-mail me some of her songs so I could a bit of a sneak peak of what we are in for this summer when she hits the stage on the Country Throwdown Tour.

One of my favorite songs is one she wrote with popular songwriter Marv Green. The song is called "Happy." It's a song that a lot of the ladies out there could for sure relate to. It is about someone who just wants to be happy even if they have to pretend. It's about forgetting his name, or forgetting the words he said to hurt you. I am sure all the ladies out there have felt down from a guy before and in this song it expresses the feelings of someone hurt so bad that all they want is to be happy. It says, "Baby all I need is a temporary fix, a bottle of wine, a reckless kiss, I need you so I don't miss what I miss, I'm so tired of feeling like this, I just want to be, I just want to be, I want to be happy." I think Heather is right especially when it comes to the bottle of wine, a good Pinot Noir anyone?

The next song can be found on her myspace page, it's called "Good For Nothing." This is another song all the females might appreciate about how some guys out there are good for nothing. Talks about how he played the nice guy just so they could have another story to tell and another notch on the bedpost. You think after guys hear lyrics like this they would shape up.

OK, the last song is one Heather e-mailed me, "Mine Mine Mine." It's an upbeat fun song about say me liking someone and not wasting anytime, and go figure from the title, making them MINE! This song you'll be tapping your foot to the whole time.

There are sooo many more songs I wish I could talk about, like "Aisle Five" and "Anything At All," but lucky for you, they can be found on her myspace. After you check out her myspace page, I recommend you going to your local ticketmaster outlet and purchase tickets to this summer's hottest tour, The Country Throwdown. You are not going to want to miss Heather Morgan performing for her FIRST time ever in Pittsburgh! Or if you can't attend Pittsburgh's show there are many other cities on tour that they will be stopping at. Hey Pittsburgh, lets show Heather Morgan and Walker Hayes some love on May 29h and hit up the First Niagra Pavilion. See ya'll there.

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