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Galante Becomes Full-Time Professor

By Jerin Steele

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Published: Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updated: Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mary Beth Galante

The Cube

Galante will be a full-time professor after 14 years in a part-time position

After fourteen years as a part-time professor at BC3, Mary Beth Galante, was hired as a full-time faculty member at the college. 

Galante, has taken on the role as a professor in the humanities department.  “There was an opening posted so I applied for it and went through the interview process,” Galante said.

She will teach education and psychology courses at the college.

Galante, a Butler native, got her start at BC3 as a student. She graduated from the college with an associate of arts degree. She then went on to Slippery Rock University receiving an undergraduate’s degree in elementary and special education. She finished up by getting her masters in education psychology at Chatham University.

Before coming to BC3 to teach, Galante taught at three different places. She taught at Lifesteps, a community agency pre-school with atypical needs for one year, the Butler Area School District for one year and the Fairmount (WV) Senior High School for one year. Then she came to BC3 to teach part time. “I was familiar with the setting, had a positive experience there as a student, and they had an opening to teach a children with special needs class,” Galante said.

She taught approximately 10 courses over 14 years as a part-time professor before getting the full-time position.

Galante has found becoming full-time easy. “I love it, I get to go to committee meetings, it really has been an easy transition,” Galante said.

When Galante is away from teaching she loves to garden and travel. She has been married to her husband John for 26 years and has to sons Jon, 24, and Philip, 21. 

After teaching at different levels of school she has enjoyed teaching college students. “It was a natural progression for me and a wonderful opportunity to support the learning of adults,” Galante said.

She loves teaching and considers herself lucky to enjoy her job. “Teaching is all about learning which means I continue to learn from those I teach everyday. You learn from them and they learn from you,” Galante said.

She enjoys working at BC3 and finds it to be a great place for student to start their college experience. “BC3 is a comfortable place for students and it is economically friendly, you shouldn’t be forced to know what you want to do at age 18, and BC3 is a good place to explore what you want to do,” Galante said.



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