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New Scholar Program available at Butler County Community College

New  Scholar Program provides additional opportunities for excelling students at Butler County Community College.

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Nature Trail Bench Rebuild 1

BC3 Students Work Together to Make Campus a Better Place

On April 15, five students revamped the bench atop the hill near the observatory and entrance to the Allen Imhoff Fitness Trail on Butler County Community College's main campus. Full story

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  • Modern Humans, Neanderthals Interbred, Research Shows

    Scientists, with the help of a pinch of fossil bone dust, have discovered that modern human beings interbred with Neanderthals tens of thousands of years ago, and that 1 to 4 percent of the genes carried by non-African people are traceable to the much-caricatured, beetle-browed cavemen.


  • Growth Hormone Makes Sprinters Faster in First Athlete Study

    Growth hormone injected daily for eight weeks may cut 0.4 of a second off a sprinter's time over 100 meters, according to the first study to measure the effect on athletes of a drug used to boost competitiveness.

  • FDA Approves Prostate Cancer 'Vaccine'

    The first cancer treatment that harnesses the power of a patient's immune system to fight tumors won government approval Thursday, a step scientists and patient groups hailed as what could be the beginning of a new era in cancer therapies.

  • BC3 Enters Lawsuit

    College has not started cost analysis

    The BC3 Board of Trustees voted unanimously to voluntarily enter the county's lawsuit against County Controller Jack McMillin at their meeting on April 21. McMillin is withholding funds from BC3, requesting the college have an independent cost analysis performed to assure taxpayer money is not being used to fund out-of-county campuses.

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  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    Have you considered a different career? Writing is certainly not what you should be doing.
    posted by: You are a joke
  • New Call of Duty commercial sparks controversy
    To be honest, I think that this commercial is being taken way too seriously. I watched it and I just sat back and laughed. Why does everyone have to take everything to seriously nowadays? Everything is much more enjoyable if taken with a sense of humour.
    posted by: Matt
  • New Call of Duty commercial sparks controversy
    I'm not sure if the woman with the shotgun during the building breach is a "young girl" or not.
    posted by: Smalls
  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    Educators are always looking for "teachable moments" to help students with their learning experiences, and the above post gives me the opportunity to help the BC3 community appreciate The Cube as a forum for thoughtful expression of ideas. We considered deleting the post and leaving in its place a notice that it was removed for offensive content, but instead we will use it to make a point. John Watson posted a well-crafted, well-researched review of cell phones. He understands that people may disagree with his review, and he welcomes reasonable discussion about it on the blog. However, when the anonymous poster calls the author a bastard, he or she crosses the line from criticizing his review to attacking him personally. In a forum that is designed to promote the free discussion of ideas and is supported by the U.S. Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, to that end, when people start attacking each other personally, the open discussion of ideas that promotes advancement in our society suffers because such attacks can turn people with worthy ideas away from the discussion. John, myself, and the rest of The Cube staff and contributors welcome your thoughts, even if you don't agree with us, but ask that you refrain from attacking anyone personally. Thank you. Susan Seibel, Advisor to The Cube.
    posted by: The Cube Staff
  • Droid 2 vs. iPhone 4
    bullcrap lol
    posted by: Anonymous